Architectural Design | Faqih
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Architectural Design


The architectural design and the completion of structural engineering, mechanical and electrical engineering are among the basic functions of Fakih Engineering Consulting Office. The Office has completed several projects in this field. The architectural projects start with the development of preliminary ideas for design, which takes into account the advanced technologies and innovative ideas that seek to achieve higher Economic efficiency without compromising quality of design.

The Office uses experts at all levels of architectural work to enrich projects and access to ideal architectural engineering solutions.

One of the fundamental principles of the design process is realism, the achievement of functions and the balance between form and content at the expressive level, away from the fabrication that leads to increased costs of origin and affects the economics of design.

Shopping malls and hotels

The Office has worked on architectural designs, executive drawings and preparing schedules of quantities and specifications for a number of commercial malls, hotels, commercial markets and schools, and the supervision of the implementation of some of these malls and hotels.

Educational buildings

The Office participated in the development of many designs for educational buildings at all levels, where he designed school complexes.

Residential Commercial Towers

The office participated in the urban development in Jazan region through the design or supervision of residential towers buildings in the region, with the necessary expertise of these large works architecturally and constructively.