Development of city entrances | Faqih
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Development of city entrances


The gates of the historic cities reflect the city’s strength and strength, and with the tremendous technological development in the land transport, the city gate has become a symbol of civilization, heritage and characteristics related to the city’s population, with many functions including administration, security, services, restrooms and restaurants alongside the mosque.

In the project of implementation and planning of the tourist strip for the growth of Namas in Asir region, the portals of the tourist strip were designed for the entrances of these cities, taking into account the elements of expression and the use of natural elements reflecting the environment of the place.


The network of traffic hubs in the city is the element through which you can roam.
The office has carried out a specialized study to develop six main axes in Farsan Island and raise the level of service and movement. The study included the design of all architectural elements and the study of architectural design models of the buildings’ faces overlooking the axes, parking areas.