Regional Development | Faqih
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Regional Development

Urban Observation

The field of regional studies in the Arab world in general is a recent study.

However, the expertise of the Office in the Department of Planning Studies has been refined over the years since the establishment of the Office through the use of local and Arab cadres and expertise with strong contact with international experiences in this field. Area of regional studies.

The main tasks of the department are :

  • Preparation of comprehensive and partial regional plans
  • Development of spatial development strategies and implementation policies.
  • Develop the mechanisms for implementing the recommendations of the regional plans to put them into effect.
  • Providing technical support to regional development departments in the secretariats and municipalities.
  • Construction of urban observatories.
  • Conduct field surveys related to development in the areas of urbanization, environment, society and economy.
  • Establishment of the General Directorate for Regional Development in the Eastern Region.

Fakih’s office prepared the administrative structure of the General Department for Regional Development in the Eastern Region to follow up the regional development of the Eastern Region, and the modernization of the regional plan for the region and supervising the executive plans for development programs and realizing the vision of the Kingdom.